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SlendGlow is made from 11 types of scientifically tested natural herbs, it complements our weight management program to help us achieve healthy body weight naturally.

Sherry DCA

Hi, welcome to my website, my name is Sherry, I'm a Diamond level agent in BE International (Diamond Council Ambassador)

When I first found out the news when our company BE International will launch this new slimming product, I was so excited because the products that the company launch are known to be HIGHLY EFFECTIVE and PREMIUM QUALITY.

In my website I will share the info about slendglow and customers' testimonial.

If you would like to ask anything or purchase this product, please click the link below to contact me.

I can communicate in English, Chinese and Malay 😊

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obesity in ASEAN

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions globally..

with at least 2.8 million people dying each year as a result of being overweight or obese. OMG! This number is scary, FAT can kill..

source :

If you look at the chart above, Malaysia is the FATTEST country in asia 😱,  I never know actually I've been living in the FATTEST country for so many years πŸ˜…. But it is understandable, because Malaysia is well-known for its variety of yummy food choices such as Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai, Hokkien Mee, Mee goreng mamak, Rendang Ayam etc.. these are my favourite food πŸ˜‹ Now I understand why so many friends including myself also became fat, because we've been putting in more calories than burning calories through eating without exervising πŸ˜†

reason become fat

Are you struggling with weight loss?

Losing weight has always been a women's lifetime goal. No matter which stage we are now, we always wanted to have the PERFECT body figure, but it's so hard to achieve this goal. That is why losing weight is our life time goal.. because we need to continuously eat healthy, exercise, taking supplements..

Even though we have been doing a lot of things just to keep our weight lower, but the fact is, none of them works, our weight keep increasing when our age getting old. Our dress are getting tighter everyday.

Then you have came to the right place, I would like to share with you about our company BE International's latest product πŸ‘‰ Slend Glow

Fat cell development

The image above shows the transition of fat cells from normal to causing obesity. The normal fat cells Adipocytes (Functional Endocrine Cell) is actually a calorie storage system, it accepts chemical energy in the form of glucose and fatty acid from our blood, then convert these metabolites to TG for storage during fed conditions via lipogenesis. When

Source : 

When calorie intake exceeded the calorie burnt, hence the fat cells will increase its size to become bigger fat cells. Every fat cells has its own limitation, when it reaches maximum expanded size, then it will split into more fat cells to allow it to keep growing in sizes. At the end of the day, it caused obesity problem. The last image is an illustration where the internal organ is covered with high visceral fats. (Visceral fat is found inside the abdominal cavity)

Carrying too much of visceral fat is extremely harmful. It's linked to a higher risk of type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, heart disease and even certain cancers.

Source :,1%20%2C%202%20%2C%203%20)

fat girl

Why you should lose weight?

Trust me, losing weight will save our life, because heart attack is often happened on fat people. Every important systems in our body will feel the stress if we are overweight. When cholesterol builds up, blood pressure rises, and arteries clogged will put our heart into high risk. This will lead to a risk of heart attack and also increases stroke risk.

If heart disease, high blood pressure, or high triglycerides are in your family or personal health history, losing weight can change that. We can cut the risk of getting terrible health problems by cutting the extra kilograms.

side notes : according to a report shown in World Health Organization (WHO), these numbers below shows how serious is obesity in the global. If we do not take action today, the problem will be getting worst in the coming future. (PS: Obesity is controllable)

  • Worldwide obesity cases has tripled (3X) since year 1975

  • In 2016, more than 1.9 billion adults were overweight and over 650 million were obese.

  • In 2019, there are 38 million children under the age of 5 years old were found being overweight or obese.

Slendglow box


It is the latest Japanese formulation weight management healthy product. It contains 11 types of scientifically tested and proven natural herbs, it complements our weight management system to help us achieve a heathy dream body weight naturally. These herbs have been used traditionally for effective weight management. It is formulated and made in Osaka, Japan. Officially launched in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Brunei in April 2021.

It is approved by the health authority in Malaysia, such as Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM), National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA), Ministry Of Health Malaysia or Bahagian Regulatori Farmasi Negara. These authority approval have allowed it to be sold in the market.

The picture above shows the NPRA Registration Number = MAL20056037T (You may check this info via NRPA website = this link)

PS: BE International took more than 3 years for the approval and license to sell.

Slendglow NPRA

NPRA Registration Number = MAL20056037T

Slendglow NPRA website

NPRA Registration proof

Slendglow hologram security sticker

Slendglow hologram security sticker - to ensure product is 100% genuine

SlendGlow ingredients


Slend Glow consists of 11 types of natural botanical extracts such as :

  • Black Ginger

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract

  • Green Tea Extract

  • Oolong Tea Extract

  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract

  • White Kidney Bean Extract

  • Black Soybean Extract

  • Rye Grains Extract

  • Mulberry Leaf Extract

  • Guava Leaf Extract

  • Eucommia Ulmoides Extract

These natural botanical ingredient in it, are scientifically proven highly effective for weight management. It will help to reduce fat size, visceral and subcutaneous fat, body weight and fat mass & fat absorption. (No chemical at all)

The uniqueness of botanical extracts in SlendGlow

The 4 uniqueness of botanical extracts

1. Fat Burning Booster

(A) Enhance Heat Production (Thermogenesis)
Botanical extracts promote the browning effects of white fat cells to increase heat production and increase energy output.

Enhance Heat Production (Thermogenesis) in slendglow
types of fat cells

Mitochondria is a small organelle in cell membrane that acts as a powerhouse to create energy.

(B) Promote Fat Metabolism (Lipolysis)
Botanical extracts help in the breakdown of fats by burning fat storage and using it as a source of energy. Please refer the image below.

Promote Fat Metabolism (Lipolysis)

2. Appetite Control

Learn how malfunction of leptin is hijacking our eating habits?

Leptin (fat controller) communicates to our brain that we have stored enough fat, it will helps control our appetite and instruct our body to burn calories.

The image below illustrates how a malfunction leptin will cause obesity in our body. Our brain will not recognize satiety in obesity, hence we'll keep craving for foods although we have already stored enough fat in our body. Then we'll be overeating, leading to more fat production within our body, the more fat cells, the more leptin is produced. An overwhelming of leptin then will cause leptin insensitivity. (below is how everything is inter-related)

how malfunction of leptin is hijacking our eating habits

This is why our botanical extracts is so important, it will help improve leptin sensitivity so that our brain will recognize satiety and tell our body to start burning calories and suppressing our appetite in craving for more food.

botanical extracts

3. Fat Blocker

(A) Block Fat Digestion and Absorption
Green Tea Extract (catechins) will help our body to suppress fat digestion and reduce fat absorption in the intestines, results in lesser fat accumulation in our body.

without fat blocker
with fat blocker

(B) Block Fat Production
Botanical extracts help inhibit the formation of matured fat cells from stem cells and reduce fat storage in our body.

Block Fat Production

4. Carb Blocker

Botanical extracts also will help inhibit carbohydrate digestion and reduce its absorption into our blood flow. Lesser carbohydrates absorption into body will result in lesser fat accumulation in the body.

rice carb blocker


1. It boost our body fat burning effects, increase heat production and energy output through promoting white fat cells's browning effects. Speed up metabolism (lipolysis) and burn our body fat storage to be used as source of energy.

2. It adjusts our leptin sensitivity so that our brain will recognizes satiety and instruct our body to burn calories and control our hunger or appetite by suppressing appetite.

3. The green tea extract (catechins) is proven to help subdue our body's fat absorption in the intestines, resulting a lesser fat accumulation. Besides, these herbs' extract also helps to slowdown the matured fat cell from stem cells, then reduces fat storage in the body. (Fat blocking effects)

4. These 11 types of natural herbs extracts will discourage carbohydrate digestion and impede its absorption into our blood stream. Lower carbohydrates absorption will result in lower fat accumulation in our body. Which is why SlendGlow is Carb Blocker.

BMW BE International

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Thousands of customers have been consuming Slendglow since it first conducted soft launched early 2021. Below are some customers' testimonial that I want to share with you, these results are amazing and I'm sure you'll be amazed with the results and can't wait to try it.

Slendglow Testimonial
Slendglow Testimonial
Slendglow Testimonial
Slendglow Testimonial
Slendglow Testimonial
Slendglow Testimonial
Slendglow Testimonial
Slendglow Testimonial
Slendglow Testimonial
Slendglow Testimonial
Slendglow Testimonial
Slendglow Testimonial
Slendglow Testimonial
Slendglow Testimonial

Imagine when your friends talking about you slimming down, you'll be happy for the whole day just because of these compliments. What if you really slimmed down a lot from 2XL to M or S size, being able to wear the sexy dress or swim suits that you've been dreaming for so long. This must be really touching moments, if these really happening.

If you wish to regain your confidence of being a woman, click the link below to contact me, and give yourself a chance to live a different size of life. Weight loss isn't just looking good from the outside, but it also provide us a healthy body, so that we can take good care of the people we love, not causing troubles to them, right?

Loving ourselves is just same as loving others


1. Appetite Control (Normalize Leptin Function)

Black Ginger Extract is effective in decreasing leptin level compared to High Fat Diet group and improves leptin insensitivity.

Appetite Control (Normalize Leptin Function)

2. Helps Reduce Fat Size

Black Ginger Extract also effective in reducing fat cells sizes, as compared to the High Fat Diet group thus decreases fat accumulation in the body.

Helps Reduce Fat Size

3. Helps Reduce Visceral and Subcutaneous Fat

Black Ginger Extract will help our body to reduce both subcutaneous fats and visceral as compared to High Fat Diet group. (HFD: High Fat Diet / HFD+BGE: High Fat Diet + Black Ginger Extract)

Helps Reduce Visceral and Subcutaneous Fat

4. Helps Reduce Body Weight and Fat Mass

Green Coffee Bean Extract is effective in cutting body weight gain and fat mass as compared to the High Fat Diet Group.

slendglow helps reduce body weight
slendglow helps reduce fat mass

5. Helps Reduce Fat Absorption

Green Tea Extract helps decreases fat absorption significantly in the body with increased fat excretion in feces.

free fatty acids present on feces
DCA Sherry Liew and Brian Ong

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Slendglow slimming banner

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1 sachet slendglow 4 tablets

How many sachets in a box?

βž₯ 1 box contain 30 sachets (1 sachets contain 4 tablets)

Can vegetarians take Slend Glow?
βž₯ Vegetarians is suitable to consume it but not suitable for vegans because it contains lactose sourced from cow’s milk. (vegetarians vs vegans)

How to consume SlendGlow?
βž₯ Take 1 sachet after finishing your lunch and 1 sachet after dinner (There are 4 tablets in 1 sachet)

What is the best time to consume Slend Glow?
βž₯ You may consume at any time of the day, but just to make sure it's after finishing your meal.

How to get the best results from SlendGlow?
βž₯ You will reach your goal in a shorter time if you follow a controlled diet of healthy foods. Might as well limit your daily calorie intake and exercise regularly.

Is exercise a must?
βž₯ SlendGlow is designed to be consume together with healthy diet and regular exercises., as this is the effective method to lose weight naturally. (PS: Regular exercises and eating good healthy food are the keys for ideal result.

If I am hypersensitive to caffeine, can I still take SlendGlow?
βž₯ No! Please do not take it if you are prone to caffeine, the caffeine sensitivity level is different for every individual.

Is pregnant lady safe with Slend Glow?
βž₯ Do not consume when in pregnancy and lactation.

What is SlendGlow price?
βž₯ Sorry I cannot reveal the price here in the internet as our company doesn't allow us to do so. If you would like to know the price, please click the button in this website to contact me, I'll forward you the SlendGlow e-brochure and price list 😊

How to get the best slimming results?

βž₯ Slimming is a lifelong mission, we need to practice a balance healthy diet if we are committed to have a better body shape. To maintain a good body figure, I highly recommend to wear Aulora pants too, this magical pants helps to improve our blood circulation and speed up our metabolism. Which increase the calories burning ability of our body.

How to know if I'm having obesity problem?

βž₯ Please refer to the chart below, you need to measure your waist then you'll immediately find out if you're having obesity problem or not.

Abdominal obesity chart
DCA Sherry

If you have been trying very hard to slim down, but you cannot get any results and feel depressed. Then you should try our SlendGlow to complement your weight loss program, we have hundreds of successful weight loss story since the product is launched, I believe it will be able to help you too 😊

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