SHIRUTO has been so popular in the market, due to it's able to boost immune system by just consuming few sachets a day (depends on how serious the health issue is) If you're curious about this SHIRUTO, then you must try to read my blog in details, I've cover almost 100% about this amazing supplement from Japan.

SHIRUTO - Malaysia Health & Wellness Brand Awards 2019

Please watch the video below to learn more about SHIRUTO, this is a presentation by Dr Inagawa from Japan during the SHIRUTO launching event. In this 45 minutes video, Dr Inagawa explained about the researches about IP-PA1 in details that will help you understand better about it. 

SHIRUTO Nobel Prize

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Please avoid purchasing the imitation/fake version of SHIRUTO or any BE products from unauthorized or unverified channels.

Distribution and purchase of BE products should be made only via the authorized and official channels approved by BE International.

If you bought the products from Shopee Lazada etc, our company makes no warranty on those purchases.

So always buy 100% genuine products because we are consuming it for our good health.

BMW BE International

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SHIRUTO - Malaysia Health & Wellness Brand Awards 2019

What is SHIRUTO?

It is made from wheat extraction collected from a proprietary fermentation process. Its unique ingredient IP-PA1 is an indispensable vitamin for our immune system. It binds to the macrophage surface receptor (TLR4) and is proven to be able to re-activate macrophages. (please refer to the image below)

SHIRUTO - IP-PA1 and macrophage

SHIRUTO is produced via Unique and patented processing method designed to ensure optimal performance of IP-PA1

SHIRUTO Patented Fermentation and Extraction Process

Image above shows that how IP-PA1 is extracted, how it activate Macrophages and immune system, and its health benefits to us.

The unique cultivation and fermentation processes have been patented in more than
10 countries such as Japan, USA, Australia, Europe, Canada, China, Korea, India, Singapore, Israel, Taiwan, Russia, etc.

what is Macrophage

What is Macrophages? Why it's important?

Macrophage is a type of white blood cell that detects, phagocytosis and destruction of bacteria / micro-organisms and other harmful organisms. Along with dendritic cells, they are foremost among the cells that present antigens, a crucial role in initiating an immune response. Macrophages are professional phagocytes and are highly specialized in removal of dying or dead cells and cellular debris.

Macrophages are important in wound healing. They replace polymorphonuclear neutrophils as the predominant cells in the wound by day two after injury. Attracted to the wound site by growth factors released by platelets and other cells, monocytes from the bloodstream enter the area through blood vessel walls.

Why do macrophages need to be activated?

These classically activated macrophages are vital components of host defense, but their activation must be tightly controlled because the cytokines and mediators that they produce can lead to host-tissue damage.

Functions :
1. Can protect the body
2. Balance the immune system
3. Remove aging and diseased cells
4. Repair cells

Macrophages can be found in almost all organs in the body, including the liver, brain, bones, and lungs; they have specific functions in each organ.

source :,of%20other%20immune%20system%20cells.

Steps of a macrophage ingesting a pathogen

The image above is the steps of how macrophage ingesting a pathogen.

a. It ingest by phagocytosis, a phagosome is formed
b. The fusion of lysosomes with the phagosome creates a phagolysosome; the pathogen is broken down by enzymes
c. Waste material is expelled or assimilated (the latter not pictured)
1. Pathogens
2. Phagosome
3. Lysosomes
4. Waste material
5. Cytoplasm
6. Cell membrane

Source :

How macrophage can turns bad?

Macrophages can sometimes turn "bad" or become dysfunctional due to reasons below:

  1. Chronic inflammation: Prolonged or chronic inflammation can cause macrophages to become overactive and produce too many signaling molecules called cytokines. This can lead to chronic inflammation and contribute to the development of various diseases.
  2. Infection: Some infections, such as HIV, can alter the function of macrophages and make them less effective at fighting off infections.
  3. Genetic factors: Certain genetic factors can cause macrophages to function improperly and contribute to the development of diseases such as autoimmune disorders.
  4. Environmental factors: Exposure to environmental toxins and other harmful substances can also alter the function of macrophages and lead to problems in the immune system.
How to maintain good Macrophage ?
  1. Eat a healthy diet that rich in fruits, vegetables, and plant-based foods can help support healthy immune function.
  2. Exercise regularly can help to boost the immune system.
  3. Having enough sleep is important for maintaining a healthy immune system.
  4. Try to avoid tobacco and excessive alcohol consumption at all cost! Because it can weaken the immune system and impair the function of macrophages.
  5. Chronic stress will weaken our immune system and hurt the function of macrophages. So engaging in stress-reducing activities, such as yoga or meditation, can help to support healthy immune function.
DCA Sherry Liew and Brian Ong

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SHIRUTO benefits / IP-PA1 clinical test results

1.) IP-PA1 is clinically proven that is able to active the Macrophages. It is able to activates macrophages 1,000 times more effectively than beta glucan and lactic acid bacteria

IPPA1 activate macrophage

2.) IP-PA1 is clinically proven that is able to protect our body by reducing mortality from parasites - Toxoplasma Gondii infection and also reduce dermatitis (skin problem) by up to 71% 

IPPA1 protect body

3.) IP-PA1 is clinically proven that is able to reduce allergic reactions

IPPA1 reduce allergic

4.) IP-PA1 is clinically proven that is able to reduce high Cholesterol effectively.

IPPA1 reduce High Cholesterol

Macrophages help eliminate the tissue's peroxidized LDL, maintain intracellular cholesterol levels, and delay the onset of atherosclerosis.

5.) IP-PA1 is clinically proven that is able to reduce Gastric Ulcer

IPPA1 reduce gastric ulcer

6.) IP-PA1 is clinically proven that is able to repair insulin-producing cells and maintain insulin production (type 1 diabetes) to delay disease outbreak

IPPA1 Repair insulin-producing cells
SHIRUTO testimonial from Google

SHIRUTO Testimonials

If you google or search in Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, you'll see a lot of customers sharing their testimonials about SHIRUTO. It's so effective because the key ingredient IP-PA1 is scientifically proven will help activate our macrophages and increase our immune system.

Below are some common health benefits of SHIRUTO ๐Ÿฅฐ

For more customers testimonials, please follow my Facebook page ๐Ÿ˜Š


SHIRUTO ๆฟ•็–น Eczema

This is Scarlett from Hong Kong, she was suffering Eczema problem for so long, after she consumes our product for 1 and half month, we can see her skin problem has tremendous improvement.

SHIRUTO skin problem.jpg

Danny's sensitive skin has been traumatized him for more than 10 years. After he consume our product for 4 months, his skin improved massively,

SHIRUTO ๆฟ•็–น Eczema
SHIRUTO testimonial - skin problem

The testimonial above was shared by Rachel from Singapore, she was facing skin sensitivity problem for long time. Her friend recommended her to try our product, she tries and consumes 2 sachets per day, we can see the skin problem is improved and getting back to normal soon.

SHIRUTO helps improve cracked dry skin

He was facing dried cracked skin for long time and nothing can help him, after he tried our product, his skin become better and like normal skin now.

SHIRUTO Psoriasis ็‰›็šฎ่—“
SHIRUTO sensitive skin problem.jpg

This uncle was facing skin problem for more than 20 years, he had tried many ways but nothing can help. His relative bought a set for him to try, with only two sachets a day. We can see his skin has recovered tremendously in just one month time.

SHIRUTO promotes hair grow

It helps to promote hair grow

SHIRUTO Jaundice ้ปƒ็–ธ็—…

This customer was facing jaundice problem and admitted into hospital, after consuming our product for 4 sachets a day for 2 days, we can see improvement in her.

SHIRUTO helps red eye problem.jpg

It helps this customer to heal her red eyes problem after 2 hours.

SHIRUTO ๅคง้ขˆ็–ฑ

This customer's daughter came back from China during Chinese New Year. She noticed that her daughterโ€™s neck was swollen seriously.

The next day they went to the specialist in Malacca for CT scan, doctor diagnosed that it was Thyroid, but there is no need to take medicine for the time being, the doctor also mentioned that it will not disappear.

She started to consume our product 2 sachets per day for 3 weeks, the Thyroid was significantly improved.

IP-PA1 is the first and only ingredient recognized by the CIITRA in Japan

IPPA1 natural immune ingredient
SHIRUTO Quality Certification

SHIRUTO's Quality Certification

  • GMP Certified โ€“ Strict and high standard manufacturing process
  • HALAL Certified โ€“ Muslim-friendly
  • Natural botanical ingredients โ€“ Vegetarian-friendly
stress level

I think everyone will agree that having enough sleep, eat healthy, washing our hands frequently and being fully vaccinated are the very basic and effective way in protecting us from virus attacks and germs.

But our habits and how we spend our day can have strong effect on our immune system. Our level of stress, how often you drink, how much exercises we did, and even the air we breathe in can take a toll on our immunity.

Never ignore stress, because stress can affect our immunity according to the National Cancer Institute, having stress will cause the brain to produce higher volume of hormone cortisol, which impairs the function of T cells that fight against infection.

If you are facing stress, please get support from your family and friends, learn to relax yourself through yoga or meditation can help ease the stress level.

Excessive intake of alcohol will also impair our immune system in invading pathogens and the process of attack and breaking down bacteria and viruses.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the ingredients?
โžฅ It's wheat extraction collected from a proprietary fermentation process that is patented in more than 10 countries.

How to consume?
โžฅ Our company recommend adults to take 2 to 4 sachets per day, for children (above 1 year old) is 1 sachet per day. It is recommended to take orally or mixed with water (less than 40ยบC)

What are the benefits?
โžฅ For kids, it helps to improve their immunity and reduces the chances of falling sick.
โžฅ For adult, it helps to reduce allergies and speed up the recovery time during illness
โžฅ For elderly, it helps to improve immunity and reduce bacteria infections

How do I buy?
โžฅ It is highly recommended to buy from authorized agent from BE International. You can buy from me as I'm a Diamond Council Ambassador (DCA) of BE International. Please click the button in this website to contact me.

Is it halal?
โžฅ Yes it is 100% halal, we have halal certificate.

Where is it from?
โžฅ It is 100% from Japan. So quality is top notch!

Why I cannot find this product in Japan during my vacation?

โžฅ This product is carried by our company BE International, the factory in Japan is producing this SHIRUTO for our company to market. That's why you cannot find this product in the local Japanese shops.

Is there Fake SHIRUTO?
โžฅ Yes, there are many scammers selling our products online in Shopee Lazada etc, they are selling it at lower price to attract customers. Our company doesn't allow their agents / member to sell in those online marketplace, so the sellers are 100% not from BE International. The put the normal purple powders into the sachet to pretend as genuine SHIRUTO. Customers who bought it won't get the results that they want because there is NO IP-PA1 in the fake SHIRUTO. (Please see below solemn declaration published by BE International)

Solemn Declaration
DCA Sherry

Why you should buy from me?

Hi, I'm Sherry Liew, I'm a Diamond level agent in BE International. I joined the company since 1st June 2018, I've served hundreds of customers from Malaysia and overseas. I truly believe I will be able to assist you too ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Disclaimer: The customers' testimonial in this website is based on individual result and not show to prove it can cure or treat diseases. Please consult your doctor for cure or treat diseases.