SHIRUTO Testimonial – Herpes

SHIRUTO Testimonial
SHIRUTO Testimonial
SHIRUTO Testimonial

She is my 9 year old daughter and she is a very happy and cheerful person. Unfortunately, while we were in Sweden, she started having skin problems. We visited several dermatologists in Sweden, but there was still no cure for his skin disease.

It all starts with a blister, which spreads farther. But not contagious to others.

My heart is so anxious as a mother to not be able to help improve her situation. So much so that she asked "Mom, why am I facing this problem that no one else has". This is very sad. She can't play with his friends during the summer vacation. Just stay at home.

Positive action I can only tell him good wishes. Although I have no choice. She even had to walk on his knees at home or we would carry him on his back. Because of the blisters on his feet, it really hurts when he walks.

I have to clean, sanitize and re-wrap the blisters twice a day. Every mother will try her best to do anything for her child.

Until we moved to Malaysia in August 2019, it shined again. My best friend gave me SHIRUTO to try. We had no choice but to try.

The blisters dried up within 4 days 😳

I'm so glad I found the right choice for Hayley.
She is a happy girl now.
Happy kids, happy mom πŸ’•

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