SHIRUTO Liver Cancer Testimony

SHIRUTO Liver Cancer Testimonial
SHIRUTO Liver Cancer Testimonial

Thank you partner for sharing her father's Liver Cancer testimony ❤️

My dad had a CT Scan in August this year and he was diagnosed with advanced stage liver cancer (because it is a metastatic cancer, it spreads from the bone cancer to the liver and lungs) 😭😭

According to the blood report, Dad's CA125 blood test index has risen to 1307.90 !!….. 😰😰
(Normal means 0 - 35)

The doctor told our dad that he needed chemo right away...

On the same night, I decided to let my dad try SHIRUTO (4 sachets a day, 2 sachets in the morning and 2 sachets in the evening)

After 3 weeks, the blood test was done again on 8/9, and the CA125 blood test report showed that it dropped from 1300 to 323.11!! (more than 4 times) 😱😱😱

We are very happy to hear the result! 🙏🏻

During this period, my dad needed surgery due to some reasons. Originally, he needed to do blood tests and chemotherapy on 7/10, but was forced to postpone it for a few weeks...

I thought the CA125 & CA15-3 index would rise today (18/10), because there has been no chemotherapy for two weeks...

But through today's 18/10 blood test, the index of CA125 blood test dropped to 120.82!! 😱😱😱 and CA15-3 dropped to the normal range of 19.80 😱👍🏻 (Normal means 0 - 32.40)

Another doctor said that the surgical wound has also recovered very well 👍🏻

CA 125 - 1307.90
CA 15-3 - 55.18

CA 125 - 323.11
CA 15-3 - 41.28

CA 125 - 120.82 👍🏻
CA 15-3 - 19.80 👍🏻

Thank you for the efficacy of SHIRUTO from BE Company! 🤩 Helping my dad not have too many side effects after chemotherapy during this period, and he has a good appetite! 👍🏻

I hope my father’s testimony can help friends around me regain their health 🙏🏻

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