SHIRUTO helps Aunty Choo Eczema problem

SHIRUTO Testimonial - Skin Disease
SHIRUTO Testimonial - eczema

Hi, I’m Yuki, this is my son's nanny. She is a retired nurse name Aunty Choo. She got this eczema 4.5 years at her neck area and very itchy all the time. Always asking Skin specialist to have a cream to apply for not itchy. I ask her to consume SHIRUTO before she say no need.

8th Jan I saw her neck behind got swollen and redness. And I touch it is like a ball inside the skin and she say she want to see Doctor later. I tried to persuade her try our SHIRUTO to boost up immune system. This time she willing to try, consume 2 sachets day and night time. She consume for 8 days totally recover. And her 4.5 years eczema area not itchy anymore as starting getting better Today 22th Jan I ask her is the itchy coming

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