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2 MARCH 2023
8:00am My mother-in-law has high blood pressure, uric acid, and cholesterol. The mother-in-law was eating breakfast and suddenly fell down due to lack of oxygen in the brain and hit her head on the cabinet. She didn't find out until her family came home from work, and she was sent to the hospital immediately

3 MARCH 2023
The ambulance sent my mother-in-law to Termerloh for a CT scan. The diagnosis showed that the mother-in-law had a microstroke, her mouth was crooked, the corners of her mouth were drooling, she was in a trance, and her shoulder was bumped and bruised

4 N 5 MARCH 2023
I was taken back to Bentong Hospital. I couldn’t sleep and kept complaining of pain. The nurse helped my mother-in-law to wipe her body very unkindly, which caused my mother-in-law’s shoulders to hurt. My mother-in-law kept arguing to go home

6 MARCH 2023
Helped my mother-in-law to wear Aulora Basic Top head to help blood circulation and clear head congestion

7 March 2023
I gave my mother-in-law BEFIL and SHIRUTO in the morning and evening, only for 2 days, the mental state of the mother-in-law has improved, the eyes can be stretched, the speech is more powerful, and the corners of the mouth are no longer drooling

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