I-VXION Testimonial – Baby tear duct clogged

I-VXION testimonial - baby tear duct blocked

When Jingbao was born, her mum noticed that she had a lot of eye mucus when she cried. After being checked by the doctor, she was told that Jingbao's lacrimal glands were blocked. She felt a little depressed and asked the doctor what to do? The doctor said: It's okay, I will prescribe you some eye drops, and give her three times a day until she recovers.

When I picked up the eye drops at the pharmacist and was told to store the eye drops in the refrigerator, I felt a little sick, oh my god! I asked, is it cold eye drops, put it in the newborn baby's eyes πŸ‘€? The pharmacist confirmed: Yes, that's right! This moment makes me feel even more sad and confused, how can I bear to let my newborn Jingbao's eyes πŸ‘€ drip this cold eye drops?

Thank you God, my parents just came back from the company and just launched a hot eye care product, I-Vxion.

I read in the manual that maqui berry ingredients can promote tear production. I took it immediately, four packs a day, two packs before each meal, and fed I-Vxion to Jingbao through breast milk after meals. After a few days, I saw the miracle of Jingbao With the results, Jingbao's eye mucus gradually decreased a lot day by day, and there was no more eye mucus after a week.

When I was full moon, when I took Jingbao back to the doctor for an examination, the doctor asked about Jingbao’s eye discharge. I said there was no eye discharge. The doctor was very surprised and asked: Is there no eye discharge at all? I said: yes, what's the matter?
The doctor replied: Usually it takes about 6 months for the blocked lacrimal gland to recover 😱.

When I heard the doctor's answer, I felt infinite gratitude and praise in my heart. Jingbao was able to recover in just one week through breastfeeding with I-Vxion. It looks watery and shiny.

Thanks for meeting I-Vxion, it's great.

Thank you BE International company for launching such a great product.

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