I-VXION improves his dry eyes, big eyes bag & glaucoma problem

I-VXION dry eyes, eye bags and glaucoma
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I-VXion improves his daddy's dry eye, big eyes bag and glaucoma problem

In addition to bright eyes, I also noticed that my father had slightly smaller bags under his eyes. Dad suffered from dry eye and glaucoma for many years. His eyes are often red and bloodshot, and he has tried many methods. The ophthalmologist said that only eye drops can relieve it. After taking I-VXION for 7 days, I noticed the difference is that the bloodshot eyes are less and his eyes look brighter! Hurry up and go for an eye examination. The ophthalmologist said that his previous intraocular pressure record was 30, and now it has dropped to 19. Thanks to I-VXION

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