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We offer the Best Platform for Entrepreneur. At BE International, we are strived to improve the health of everyone and we also working our best to become the most respected MLM company that provide great business opportunity for ordinary people to be extraordinary people.

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After you click the link above, you may follow the step by step process to signup as BE International member, then choose the products that you would like to purchase, then proceed to self-checkout. Our colleagues in the warehouse of your country will arrange your parcel delivery 😊

Why you must join BE International?

There are 4 main reason you should join BE International

be international - no need keep stock

1. No need to keep stock

Yes you see it right, you don't have to fork out your hard earned cash to buy stock to start this business, this reduces the risk of you losing money if you cannot turn your stocks into profit. In BE International, the headquarter is holding the risk of inventory, you as a IBO, you just have to focus in promoting the health products to the right customers, once you got sales, you just send the link to customers to signup as a new member and company's warehouse colleagues will handle the product delivery for you.

This is different from the traditional business model, in the traditional business, you'll need to first fork out your saving or apply personal loan from the bank, then spend this cash in renting a business office, buy stocks to sell for profit, pay for utilities, buy business furniture etc. Setting up a basic business will need you to spend at least RM 100,000, and some money reserves for the following 6 months to 12 months for cash flow safety.

I know the frustration when you have forked out tons of hard earn cash to setup a business and hope it will eventually help you to be financial freedom in few years time. But the truth is, business isn't easy, there are many things involve in business and it's not taught in the school. That is why 90% of the business will closed down in one year.

be international - low start up cost

2. Low startup cost

Here we offer the opportunity to start this business at super low cost. Once you've registered as a member, then you can start promoting our products and build your business empire with us. This is suitable for a normal person who doesn't have money and background, with just a small fees, you get the chance to change your life forever.

Please refer to the startup cost below according to where your country is.

  • Malaysia RM 60
  • Singapore SGD 20
  • Brunei BND 20
  • Hong Kong HKD 100
  • Indonesia Rp 200,000
be international - easy to sell

3. Easy to sell

Most of our products that our company carries are hot selling and it's highly demanded by the market. Our top products are Aulora pants series, SHIRUTO, BEFIL, SlendGlow and Zencoso Ball. This statement is supported with tons of customers' testimonials in Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

BE International 1 world 1 account

4. One World one account

Once you've sign up as a member, you're free to build your business worldwide. Currently we have 5 offices in 5 different countries. Our headquarter is in Malaysia, 2nd office is in Singapore, 3rd office is in Brunei, 4th office is in Hong Kong, 5th office is in Indonesia.

About Sherry and Brian

We are currently a Diamond Council Ambassador (DCA) in BE International. We've joined the company since June 2018. We've helped hundreds of customers from all over Malaysia and overseas such as United States, United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Dubai, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and more. We are strived to provide the best service to our clients and helping them to regain their healthy life. We also committed to help our business partners in building their career with BE International. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the button in this page. Thanks

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BE International Review

Here I will share my experience with you, I'll help you to get a better understanding with the company. So let's start with the 6 main features

be international founder

The image above shows the 3 founders of BE International Marketing Sdn Bhd.

The gentleman at the center position is Ir. Lee Suet Sen, he is a certified civil engineer where building things are always been a part his psyche, he then realized that his passion lay far beyond the engineering industry, which is why he ventured into Multi Level Marketing (MLM). In just 2 years time, he was able to hit his first million goal in the first MLM company that he first joined, he never imagined that he will build network marketing empire (MLM).

The pretty woman on the right is Ms Ho Huey Chuin, she is the wife to Ir Lee Suet Sen, she never thought that she is able to become the youngest millionaire in her previous MLM company. Her motto β€œIf you think you can, you can!” has been proven to inspire people to break through the most insurmountable obstacles with fantastic results.

The sweet lady on the left is Ms Karen Leong, she has been soaring over 40 years in the beauty and MLM industry. She is an iron lady and the backbone of the company, Ms Karen has also trained up more than 21 millionaires and still continue to lead the team to achieve highest potential.

Now you are aware that our 3 founders are very well experience and successful in the MLM industry,

their mission and spiritual philosophy in the business is to create the best business platform to help more people to start their business easily, and be able to grow the business to overseas #GlobalBusinessOpportunity

Aulora pants - Malaysia Health and Wellness brands 2018 2019

Our company is committed to bring in only the highest quality and highly effective health products to us, we understand there are millions of health products in the market but not all of them are effective. We partner with the world best professor from Japan and United States in creating the best problem that really works in improving our health. Our products had undergo clinical test and proven to be working before recommended to the market. Our products are made in the well developed countries such as Japan, United States and Spain, the products from these countries are proven to be safe and efficient. This statement is supported with thousands of customers' testimonial that you can find in Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Financial broker explaning business data to his client

BE International Marketing Plan is fair, Reasonable and High Return for those who work hard to achieve their dream. Hardworking is direct proportion to the harvest. As a member, it's an account that can go worldwide, meaning that you can recruit people from all over the world to join this business opportunity. Anyone with any background that join anytime can be successful in MLM.

BE International training

We have amazing education system where "Every BE family helping each other!" Since pandemic we've been conducting free ZOOM meeting for training purposes, our members from all over the world can learn new knowledge and skill at the comfort of their home. Our system is simple and easy to duplicate to our downlines or team members.

BE International Kind & Pure Culture

Our culture is like a family, upline are like parents, downlines are like children, sidelines are like our brothers and sisters. Here in BE we do business like family business will make us feel happy and proud. Besides, we also focus and contribution in charity works.

BE International system

To ease our entrepreneurship, our company has built an highly innovative technology, where we just need 1 mobile phone and 1 apps (BE4U), then we can start building our business worldwide without the hassle of handling shipment and payment issues.

Below are our top selling products

be international DSAM
BE International Direct Selling Association of Singapore (DSAS)
Indonesia Asosiasi Penjualan Langsung Indonesia APLI

BE International is licensed MLM company

The three images above shows that our company is registered in the Direct Selling Association of Malaysia (DSAM)Direct Selling Association of Singapore (DSAS) and Asosiasi Penjualan Langsung Indonesia (APLI). Being an official member of DSAM, DSAS and APLI means the company is complied to strict Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct, Laws and Legislation of respective countries. So it's 100% safe to join us and to build your business that will change your life. Our company officially obtained the Direct Selling license from the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna Malaysia) on the 7th August 2017. We are also a certified ISO 9001 2015 company (refer image below)

certified ISO 9001 2015 company
3G Best CSR campaign awards 2021

BE International's CSR effort

In line with BE International's CSR effort, we have do our best to support and give back to the society, we've helped a total of people by providing them their daily needs so they can continue to learn and live with peace of mind. (The image above is the latest CSR award that we received from Cambridge International Financial Advisory - 3G Best CSR campaign awards 2021)

BE International CSR
BE International CSR
BE International CSR
BE International CSR
BE International CSR
BE International CSR
BE International CSR
BE International CSR
BE International CSR
BE International CSR
BE International CSR

Many people change their life through BE International

Our company has helped tons of people not only improved their health, but also help them to improve their financial status, many people has ventured into this business because they believe our products can help many people. The picture below is our small achievement, we never thought that we'll be able to build an income from this business, thanks to BE International for providing us this golden opportunity to fight for a better life.

BMW BE International

This is my husband Brian and I

BE International Car fund
BE International Car fund
BE International Car fund
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The benefits of joining as member

1. Guaranteed genuine product

Due to products popularity, there are many scammers trying to imitate our products to cheat the people. Our company has received a lot of complaints where they purchased fake products from unauthorized individual from 3rd party online platform, therefore the company has issued a Solemn Declaration below to warn the public, only sign up as member and purchase from authorized agent.

If you bought fake product from unauthorized source, our company will not be able to compensate, as the product that you bought isn't from BE International, you need to prove with invoice that matches our system.

So please don't fall into scammer's trap through discounted price, although I'm a Diamond level agent, my purchase price are same with every members in all ranking. That means everyone is getting the product at same price. So why take the risk right?

If you would like to purchase any products, feel free to contact me by clicking the button in this website.

Solemn Declaration

2. Best shopping experience

As a member, you'll enjoy best shopping experience by using your mobile phone only. All purchases and member registration can be done through mobile phone apps (BE4U) or laptop / computer. BE4U can be downloaded in Android and iOS. The payment can be done via the apps itself, payment methods can choose bank transfer or credit card. Once you order is placed, our colleagues from the warehouse will pack and send out your parcels, normally you will get your parcel in 3~5 working days. The time frame might be different from state to state. You'll be able to get your tracking number once the parcel is picked up by the courier company.

below is the screenshot of the BE4U apps

BE International system

3. Rebates from your purchases

Joining as a member, you're entitle to receive minimum 5% rebates from your purchases. The rebate tiers are as below :

  • 1 ~ 3,999sv = 5% rebate
  • 4,000 ~ 7,999sv = 8% rebate
  • 8,000 ~ 11,999sv = 11% rebate
  • > 12,000sv = 15% rebate

The rebate shown above is based on sv points (sv = points unit)

When you purchased a pair of Aulora Pants, there is a sv points for the purchases, get the rebate will be calculated and added into your e-wallet with our company. The amount of rebate stored in your e-wallet can be use to offset your next purchase in the next month.

4. FREE facial masks from korea

The company is giving 3 pieces of Korea made BEYUL facial mask worth RM 64 to new members who sign up. (This FREE gift might changed in future)

BEYUL mask

5. a key unlock the opportunity

Signing up as a member enable you to open the door to an opportunity that might change your life entirely.

DCA Brian & Sherry

Let's join BE International today

We urge you to join BE International family today, here you'll get to learn all sort of knowledge that will help you to improve your life and the life of the person that you love the most. Money isn't the most important thing in life, but money does give us the chances to choose what we want to do in life.

Click the button below to learn more about our business opportunity in details.

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